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PROBLEM: Communal Building Management is responsible for maintenance, repairs and periodic inspections. It has more than 3000 buildings under its management. Locations are scattered around the whole city and neighborhoods and require constant attention from electricians, plumbers, handyman and other specialized workers. Significant part of daily tasks is focused on dealing with emergencies and various accidents which put a strong pressure on planning and execution.

OPPORTUNITY: Walbrzych is a city opened for innovative solutions and cooperation with startups. It organizes very popular hackathons around city’s operations. Thanks to city mayor initiative, Roman Szełemej’s, a dedicated space for partnerships (B-10 City Lab) was opened. From the very beginning Walbrzych is open for testing and trying the solution for different field services.
Seamless cooperation is based on SAAS model, with Locatick providing dedicated solution for communal buildings management.

SOLUTION: Our dynamic list and clever pins are in full use! Each inquiry, request or assigned task is geocoded and pinned to the map. Information is visible and enables faster communication and task management in the field.
Deliverables: Optimization of the staff routes, Lower operational costs (time and fuel), Positive impact on environment,
What is more? Communication with residents and online requests, Paperless, e-signature and mobile reporting, External service providers reporting through the tool

for whom?“all location based businesses”

For all location based businesses. For security and construction companies, for home care, inspection or cleaning services ... For sales and distribution teams. For companies in which many locations are operated, managed or supervised by field employees ... Also for developers who can build on our solutions and use them in classic CRM systems, fleet management, distribution or any other customizable application.


Why? “Spatial information to do more with less”

We believe that location based systems should be universal, accessible and simple. As part of the SAAS service, we offer a light and ready-to-implement interaction with location tool for your business. Why LOCATICK? To discover the value of spatial display, management and monitoring of your resources. Business does not happen in a vacuum. Everything happens somewhere.



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