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Locatick supports modern field resource management. For mobile services, it enables intuitive task assignment, quick reporting and a full history of field activities. Ensure the highest quality of service by sending the right person at the right time, the first time. Limit travel times and determine optimal routes. And in case of emergency, send the nearest employee checking his or her location on the map. Handle more orders with the same resources.

CONSTRUCTION SITEand large infrastructure projects

For construction companies, especially those implementing infrastructure and heavy construction: a simple and flexible tool that facilitates orientation on the construction site, showing work progress and enabling communication and management of subcontractors. One, always up-to-date map, the same for the employee on the construction site in his mobile application or project manager. Simple input and commissioning of tasks. One main goal – to reduce losses resulting from errors and corrections on implemented contracts.

Smart Citiesmanagement

At LOCATICK we believe that for Smart Cities turning location data into business outcome will be crucial to their success. City resources are wasted through inefficient services, overlapping responsibilities and lack of coordination. At the same time cities collect and store an overwhelming amount of data which can help solving these problems. To make it happen, that spatial data needs to be put to work. Because everything happens somewhere…

Care support for better living

Within Health and Clean Tech sector LOCATICK offers one universal tool for intuitive task management and activity based reporting. Integration with patient records, invoicing or other internal systems is possible.

Field Servicesboosting

With Locatick you can see members of your team in real time on the map. See how your business can scale up with our LOCATICK solutions. Power your operations with real time insight. Whether a snow removal company, security firm, home care company or local ice-cream delivery, check what location means for your business.
Learn the power of location intelligence and “work done” notifications. Stay informed and get your business on autopilot with our integrated notification and alert system. And yes it is automated and customizable!

Rental ServicesBusiness grows locally. Services are done locally.

Operations start with one person, one representative, then two, five, ten … it starts with one office, two, three… The number of your rental cars, bikes, flats are growing and so is complexity….
Stay in close touch with your customers, inform them about coming inspections, cleaning service or any other meeting with precise timing. And don’t forget to send them short and automated ITS DONE! after you leave too…

Location Intelligence


of population living in urban areas by 2030


billion spent annually on Smart City projects around the world by 2020


billion, projected total installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices by 2025


of data has a spatial component


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