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The calendar module enables precise planning, tracking, and coordination of all field services, ensuring efficient utilization of technician's time and resources.
  • Real-time visibility of orders.
  • Checking employee availability and workload.
  • Task assignment and day plan display.
  • Adding and editing tasks.
  • Overview of the number of scheduled tasks in a given month.
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The Locatick map module allows for real-time technician tracking, route optimization, and effective response to changing field situations, resulting in lower costs and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time visibility of field personnel.
  • Visibility of all objects and tasks.
  • Planning periodic and warranty inspections.
  • Planning the optimal daily route.
  • Work history and analysis.
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The Locatick dispatcher module simplifies detailed daily planning, allowing dynamic task assignment, responding to unexpected changes, and ensuring that every technician operates at maximum efficiency.

  • View of a specific day.
  • Drag and Drop' feature for quick planning.
  • Real-time tracking and task status updates.
  • Overview of current employee workload.
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Recurring Tasks

The Recurring Tasks module automates the planning and monitoring of regular maintenance, periodic inspections, and warranty work, ensuring that no important service task is overlooked.

  • Automation of service processes.
  • Compliance with industry standards.
  • Notification of inspections.
  • Prevention of task omission.
  • Simplified documentation of work.
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Mobile Application

The Locatick mobile app provides technicians with access to key information on the go, allowing for instant task status updates, access to documentation, and fast communication with the office, resulting in increased field productivity.

  • Rapid task approval.
  • Add photos as proof of completion.
  • Collect customer signatures on the device.
  • Auto-generate and send reports.
  • Full integration with other app modules.
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The Notifications module automates the process of informing technicians and clients about important events, schedule changes, and reminds them of upcoming deadlines and tasks, significantly facilitating communication and work organization.

  • Automation of the notification process.
  • Improved communication.
  • Deadline reminders.
  • Enhanced work organization.
  • Quick response to changes.
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The Reports module in Locatick allows for the quick identification of areas for optimization, monitoring technician efficiency, and cost control, contributing to increased profitability for your company.

  • All task changes automatically logged in task history.
  • Configuration of task completion protocols.
  • Built-in reports for time tracking, billing, and planned preventive maintenance.
  • Custom Reports: Create reports based on your own criteria.
  • Data Export: Easily export data to various formats.
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The map module in Locatick allows for the immediate tracking of technicians, route optimization, and effective response to changing field situations, resulting in lower costs and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Precise task location determination.
  • Verification of the employee's traveled route.
  • Automatic location information addition when task status changes.
  • Quick customer location preview on the map.
Elektroniczne protokoły ikona

Electronic Protocols

The Electronic Protocols module allows for the creation, customization, and management of digital documents, increasing reporting efficiency, improving customer communication, speeding up billing, and enhancing the quality of work performed.

  • Creating custom protocols.
  • Easy access to data.
  • Improved report transparency.
  • Enhanced customer communication.
  • Accelerated billing with customers and employees.
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Object and Equipment Database.

The information database module in Locatick offers a clear record of objects and equipment, simplifying billing with clients and systematically archiving the history of performed work.

  • Documentation of all work at the client, object, and equipment levels.
  • History of settlements with individual clients.
  • Additional 'For Acceptance' status for organizing settlements.
  • Quick access to the details of each order.
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Billing Reports

The reports module in Locatick provides accurate analyses and summaries of completed work, facilitating precise billing with clients and minimizing the risk of errors in invoices.

  • Access to an archive of all settlements.
  • Analysis of completed work.
  • Key performance indicators such as response time and task completion time.
  • Easy data export to various formats.
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Mobile Application

The Locatick mobile app enables technicians to quickly and accurately invoice for tasks completed in the field, speeding up invoicing processes, increasing transparency, and minimizing errors in settlements.

  • Invoicing module on the mobile app.
  • Task cost monitoring and control.
  • Automatic tracking of task time.
  • Automatic sending of the final protocol.