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Optimize your company's operations and increase profits by overseeing installation, repair, and maintenance processes. Plan and track technicians' progress, ensuring the highest quality HVAC services for your customers.

Document Organization

Streamline document flow and improve internal and external communication.
  • Information about all orders always in one place, always accessible.
  • Document centralization for accurate and transparent customer billing.
  • Quick access to current documentation enhancing professionalism in customer communication.
  • Clear documentation structure for identifying and implementing necessary improvements in company operations.

Maximum Efficiency

Minimize downtime and response time.
  • Fast diagnosis and problem-solving through a central database.
  • Reduced response time to emergencies and customer demand.
  • Adaptive schedules that respond to changing conditions and priorities.

Accuracy in Every Detail

Precise planning and real-time monitoring of HVAC tasks.
  • Visualization of tasks and routes on interactive maps.
  • Real-time notifications for technicians and managers about changes or issues.
  • Full transparency of team work through detailed reports and analysis.

Time and Resource Savings

Process automation and central coordination for your HVAC team.
  • Intuitive tools for scheduling and task delegation.
  • Automated workflows that eliminate unnecessary steps and errors.
  • Central database with access to all equipment information and service history.

Small and large businesses choose Locatick

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    Thanks to Locatick, our collaboration with our employees, as well as administrators, has improved.”
    Skoczeń Hubert
    Service Coordinator
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    I use the Locatick app to check the working hours of employees and technicians, and to coordinate tasks between the Sales and Technical Departments.”
    Michał Żwirek
    Owner AquaGo
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    I particularly enjoy reporting in the application because the report is generated instantly in PDF format along with photos and is ready to be sent.”
    Paweł Jesionek
    Caretaker, Innovative Facility Management Polska
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    We have been using the Locatick app for two years now, and thanks to it, we have streamlined the work of our field technicians. In the Locatick app, we have already handled nearly 5000 tasks.”
    Monika Jaworska
    Team Development Support Manager for a Bakery Putka Sp. z o.o.
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    We use the Locatick application to read new tasks. The application has been with our company for a year now, and I believe everyone is satisfied.”
    Sławomir Majewski
    Service Technician,
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    Thanks to this application, I have easy access to the history of all kinds of tasks that have been performed at clients' locations.”
    Jakub Cichocki
    Service Technician, AquaGo
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    Thanks to the application, all of my work is documented through photos, and the administration always knows where to find me. I believe it's a great tool for work.”
    Dawid Warsiewicz
    Conservator, Comfort Systems
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    We like the Locatick application for its user-friendliness and the ability to gather all data from buildings in one place.”
    Marta Sobieraj
    Key Account Manager Innovative Facility Management Polska


1What is Locatick field service management software?
Field Service Management (FSM) enables business owners to efficiently and profitably manage and service field orders. With FSM software, you can plan more tasks, create optimized routes, notify and communicate with customers, integrate with inventory and accounting solutions, all from one affordable platform. Locatick is designed to provide you with the tools to organize your team, communicate with customers, and grow your business, whether you're in the office or out in the field.
2Which industries use Locatick field service management software?
Field service software is used by companies involved in repairs, installations, maintenance, landscaping, cleaning, and other services that require teams to work at customers' homes, businesses, or on-site. Industries such as residential cleaning, lawn care, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, pest control, and tree care rely on software to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and impress their clients.
3Does Locatick offer a mobile app for field service management?
Of course. Our mobile field service management app allows you to manage your team and operations from anywhere. The Locatick mobile app provides technicians with access to their schedules, job order information, estimates, and directions to the next task, anytime and from any Android phone or tablet.
4What are the key benefits of Locatick?
The Locatick field service management platform will help you save time and money, ower fuel costs: Utilize route optimization to create smart routes that reduce mileage and increase efficiency. You'll be able to complete more orders each day.

Increased customer satisfaction: Provide your customers with the service they deserve. Send text messages on the go, instantly send quotes and invoices via email, and let customers create new requests, track work progress, and make online payments.allowing you to focus on growing your business. Additionally, you can count on dedicated, free support from the Locatick team every step of the way.

More efficient planning and field workforce management: Never miss another service appointment. With the calendar, you can easily check availability, assign employees to tasks, and create efficient daily schedules.
5What are the costs associated with Locatick field service management software?
Free 14-day trial and flexible pricing plans: Locatick offers two pricing plans - choose the 'Quick Start' plan to get up and running on the platform within minutes, or the 'Customized' plan where we'll prepare a tailored offer and customize the platform to your needs. You can change or cancel plans during your subscription, and before you decide, you can try Locatick for free for 14 days.

Implementation assistance and ongoing technical support: We'll assist in implementing Locatick in your company, train your employees and partners on platform and app usage, and provide you with free support once you start using Locatick.

Simple and quick billing with no hidden costs: We accept credit cards and traditional bank transfers, and we issue an invoice upon purchase confirmation. With Locatick, you have no hidden costs.

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