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The administrator of your personal data is: Locatick Sp. Zoo. Porcelanowa 23 40-246 Katowice, Poland

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General information

We care about the privacy and security of your personal data and give you full control over it.

By using the services of Locatick sp. Z o.o., you entrust us with various information, including your personal data. In this privacy policy, you will learn, first of all, what services we provide, what personal data we process, how we use it and how we protect it.

We take protecting your privacy seriously, so please take some time to review our practices. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Purposes and legal grounds for the processing of personal data

The following data is stored on the mobile device:

the transmitted data needed to authenticate the user;

recorded GPS data and events (eg, Notes);

photos added to notes.

Location information is collected in the background. The user may at any time suspend the transmission of GPS position data. The application informs when the data is sent.

Information about the brand, model and hardware identifier of a mobile device is sent during the hardware registration process to the infrastructure on which the Locatick Software is installed and used to identify the application and the mobile device.

Depending on the mobile device, the application can access the following permissions on the mobile device:

location information;

camera for adding photos to notes,

memory (for storing data in a local database);

phone information – phone ID;

Anonymous data on user activity in the Locatick application may be processed by Locatick sp. Z o.o. for statistical purposes. Issues related to data processing are properly regulated in the contract with the end customer, including issues related to the processing of personal data.

How we use personal data

In the services we provide, we always use personal data only for the purpose for which it was provided to us, and for this purpose we always inform you transparently.

The data provided by the user is needed for the application to function.

Processing of data by other entities

Locatick sp. Z o.o. is entitled to the automatic and manual processing of personal data, also through designated processors. Personal data is / will be made available only to authorized Locatick employees or customers only to the extent necessary for processing purposes.


We use cookies to provide our users and customers with the best possible service. A cookie is a small file that a website stores on the user’s hard drive and is used not to obtain personal data about Users (the information obtained may include the IP address of the computer from which the connection is made or the type of browser used), but to distinguish individual users entering the Locatick pages.

Our website may also contain cookies of external entities, which Locatick uses to obtain anonymous statistics of traffic and typical user behavior on individual websites. As a rule, these third parties do not store any personal data in connection with the use of cookies because they do not know the identity of the user (provided that the user is not a registered user of such third party products, such as Google).

The user can disable cookies in the browser settings, but this option will affect the correct display of the website.

How we protect your data

Locatick takes all technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data in the manner specified in the Act or other applicable law and to exclude the possibility of unauthorized or accidental access to personal data, their change, destruction or loss, unauthorized transfer, other unauthorized processing, as well as other misuses of personal data. This obligation applies even after the end of the processing of personal data.

Personal data is under constant control, both electronically and physically. We have used modern security and control mechanisms to ensure the maximum possible data protection. We have established user access control, an authorization and role management system that protects data against unauthorized access. All persons who come into contact with personal data of clients in the course of work or contractual obligations are subject to a legal or contractual obligation of confidentiality.

At the request of Locatick sp. Z o.o. is obliged to transfer your personal data also to state authorities (e.g. the Police, state authorities as part of conducted inspections, etc.).

You always control your data

Each user of our services has the following rights, which we fully respect at Locatick:


When entering personal data as part of Locatick services, we always transparently instruct the user about the purpose for which the entered data can be used, who processes it and who manages it. This document is part of each such manual that applies to it.

The right to access personal data

The data subject has the right to obtain from the controller confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him or her are processed, and if so, has the right to access this personal data. Upon request, we will always provide our users with all information regarding the processing of personal data where we are the personal data controller (the request can be sent ie. by an e-mail to If the user of our services would like to obtain information about personal data that he has sent to clients, he should contact the client who is the personal data administrator.

Right to rectification

If the applicant finds that his personal data is inaccurate or incorrectly processed, he has the right to immediately rectify his personal data (the request can be sent by e-mail to

Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”)

If personal data is processed to achieve a purpose and is no longer needed for this purpose, we will automatically delete it. If the processing of personal data is based on consent, and the data subject withdraws the consent, we will delete the personal data. It should be noted here that we will delete the personal data of which we are the administrator. In the case of personal data in the possession of customers, the right to delete should be exercised towards customers as personal data administrators. It should also be noted that the right to erasure is not absolute and if we have an objective obligation to retain the data (eg bookkeeping), personal data that is no longer needed for the original purposes of processing will be deleted. Cancellation requests can be submitted by email to

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