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Last updated: April 10, 2024

Privacy Policy of the Locatick Website

§1 Personal Data

The administrator of your personal data is:

Locatick sp. Z o.o.
Teatralna 17
40-003 Katowice, Poland
NIP: 9542802551

You can contact the data administrator regarding your personal data through:

  • email –
  • traditional mail – Teatralna 17, 40-003 Katowice, Poland

§2 Website -

General Information

We care about the privacy and security of your personal data and enable you to have full control over them.

By using the services of Locatick sp. z o.o., you provide us with various information, including your personal data. In this privacy policy, you will primarily learn what services we provide, what personal data we process, how we use it, and how we protect it.

We take the protection of your privacy seriously, so please take some time to familiarize yourself with our practices. If you have any questions, contact us at

§3 Purposes and Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data

Using the Website

Personal data of all persons using the Locatick website (including IP address or other identifiers and information collected via cookies or other similar technologies), and who are not registered Users (i.e., persons who do not have a profile on the Web version of the Locatick application), are processed by the Administrator:

  • for the purpose of providing electronic services in the scope of making the content collected on the Website available to Users – in which case the legal basis for processing is the necessity of processing for the performance of a contract (Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR);
  • for analytical and statistical purposes – in which case the legal basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the Administrator (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR), which involves conducting analyses of Users' activity and preferences to improve the functionalities and services provided;
  • for the purpose of possibly establishing and pursuing claims or defending against claims – the legal basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the Administrator (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR), which involves protecting its rights;
  • for the Administrator's marketing purposes – based on the given consent (Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR).
Contact Forms

The Administrator provides the possibility of contacting him using electronic contact forms as well as by email, telephone, or SMS. Using the form requires providing personal data necessary to contact the User and respond to the inquiry. The User may also provide other data to facilitate contact or handling of the inquiry. Providing data marked as mandatory is required to accept and handle the inquiry, and failure to provide it results in the inability to handle the inquiry. Providing other data is voluntary.

Personal data provided in the form are processed to handle the inquiry and to contact us, based on the consent given by the User. The personal data provided by the User in the contact form are also processed by the Administrator for the purpose of sending commercial information, based on the User's consent.

§4 How We Use Personal Data

In the services we provide, we always use personal data solely for the purpose for which it was provided to us, and we always inform the User about this purpose transparently.

Data Processing by Other Entities

We inform that Locatick sp. z o.o. cooperates with trusted partners (e.g., cloud service providers, marketing agencies), who may process personal data on our behalf, but only to the extent necessary to provide services. All personal data is processed only within the European Economic Area (EEA).

§5 How We Protect Your Data

In the services we provide, we always use personal data solely for the purpose for which it was provided to us, and we always inform the User about this purpose transparently.

Locatick takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data against unauthorized access, unauthorized processing, and accidental loss, destruction, or damage. To this end, we use, among others, data encryption, security audits, and incident response procedures.

§6 Your Rights

Locatick takes all technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data as specified in the law or other applicable legal provisions and to exclude the possibility of unauthorized or accidental access to personal data, their alteration, destruction or loss, unauthorized transfer, other unauthorized processing, and other abuses of personal data. This obligation applies even after the processing of personal data has ended.

Personal data is under constant control, both electronic and physical. We have implemented modern security and control mechanisms to ensure the highest possible data protection. We have established user access control, a permission and role management system that ensures data protection against unauthorized access. All persons who come into contact with customers' personal data as part of their work or contractual obligations are subject to a legal or contractual confidentiality obligation.

At the request of Locatick sp. z o.o., it is obligated to provide your personal data to state authorities (e.g., Police, state authorities during inspections, if necessary, etc.).

§7 You Always Control Your Data

Every user of our services has the following rights, which we fully respect at Locatick:


When entering personal data as part of Locatick services, we always transparently inform the user about the purpose for which the entered data may be used, who processes it, and who manages it. This document is part of every such instruction that refers to it.

Right to Access Personal Data

The data subject has the right to obtain from the administrator confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them is being processed, and, if so, access to those personal data. Upon request, we will always provide our users with all information regarding the processing of personal data where we are the data administrator (the request can be sent via email to

Right to Rectification

If the applicant finds that their personal data is incorrect or outdated, they have the right to rectify their personal data without delay (the request can be sent via email to

Right to Withdraw Consent

In the case of personal data processed based on the user's consent, the user has the right to withdraw it at any time. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the processing of personal data before its withdrawal. To withdraw consent, contact the Administrator via email at

Right to Erasure ("Right to be Forgotten")

If personal data is processed to achieve a purpose and is no longer needed for that purpose, we will automatically delete it. If the processing of personal data is based on consent and the data subject withdraws consent, we will delete the personal data. It should also be noted that the right to erasure is not absolute, and if we have an objective obligation to retain data (e.g., keeping accounting records), the personal data will not be deleted. Requests for data deletion can be sent via email to

The data subject also has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, i.e., the Office for Personal Data Protection.

§8 Personal Data Processing Period

The period of data processing by the Administrator depends on the type of service provided and the purpose of processing. Generally, data is processed for the duration of the service provision or order fulfillment, until the withdrawal of the given consent or the submission of an effective objection to data processing in cases where the legal basis for data processing is the legitimate interest of the Administrator.

The data processing period may be extended if the processing is necessary to establish and pursue possible claims or defend against claims, and after that time only if and to the extent required by law. After the processing period expires, the data is irreversibly deleted or anonymized.

Privacy Policy for the Locatick Application

KlimathermService by Locatick
Famur InGrid by Locatick

Last updated: 20.04.2024


We are committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of Locatick Application users. This Privacy Policy explains what information is collected by the Locatick Application, how that information is used, and what rights you have concerning it.

§1 Collection and Use of Information

Personal Data:

We may collect personal data such as name, email address, etc., that users voluntarily provide when using the Locatick Application.

Location Data:

In accordance with our Location Permissions Policy, the Locatick Application may request background location access if it is necessary to provide our services. Users can control location access in their device settings. The application requires ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION permission to use the Motion API to automatically enable/disable location services based on user activity. This optimizes battery life and improves tracking accuracy. We will use this permission responsibly.

Location Access

Our Locatick application accesses user location data to provide key features such as route optimization, precise task localization, and real-time task reporting. Collecting location data is essential for the proper functioning of the application and delivering services that enhance operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Location data is used in the following ways:
  • Route Optimization:
    Allows real-time tracking of technicians' routes, enabling quick response to changing field conditions.
  • Precise Task Localization:
    Automatically adding location information when changing task status.
  • Reporting:
    Creating reports with response times, settlements, and planned maintenance that can be exported to various formats, including xls or pdf.
Sharing Location Data

Location data is stored and processed in accordance with the highest security and privacy standards. We do not share this data with third parties without the user's explicit consent, unless required by law.

Your Rights

Users have the right to:

  • Access their location data.
  • Request the deletion of their location data.
  • Restrict the processing of their location data.
Permissions and API:

In accordance with Google Play requirements, we adhere to the policy regarding Permissions and API access to sensitive data. The Locatick Application requests access only to those data and device functions necessary for its operation.

Data Sharing:

We do not share users' personal data with third parties without explicit consent, unless required by law.


We apply appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your personal data.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The policy is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary.

The current version of the Policy has been adopted and is effective from:

  • for the website: since 10.04.2024
  • for the mobile application: since 20.04.2024