We build solutions that are changing
the futureof field work.

At Locatick, we create cloud-based software to enable companies across various industries to seamlessly plan, manage, analyze, and account for field tasks.

Our History

Locatick was founded in 2019 by technology enthusiasts and innovators who believe that digitization and automation will fundamentally change how every industry operates daily. Locatick was specifically created to address the challenges faced by field service companies today and in response to the evolving needs of their customers. After months of research, design, and testing, we launched an application that has become an indispensable tool in the service and installation industry. From the beginning, we built our application in close cooperation with businesses, responding to their actual needs. To this day, we continue to work in a model where clients regularly report their problems to us, and we design and implement solutions that help solve them.

Our Values

At Locatick, we believe in continuous development. This growth mindset is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from hiring decisions to the development of our clients, our product, and the quality of our service. We take pride in creating software that solves real-world problems across various industries, thereby making life easier for our clients and their customers, allowing everyone to save time to focus on what they love the most. The success and development of our clients are our priorities, and we continuously strive to ensure these goals are met.

In the markets of Warsaw, Katowice, and Wrocław, together with industry leaders in Facility Management, we maintain the technical condition of offices, industrial plants, and buildings. We service elevators, provide water, ensure fresh air, generate green energy, and light up the streets in Bytom and Gdańsk. We work deep underground and at high altitudes servicing wind turbines. Every new application of our software motivates us to continual development.


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Meet our leaders who are directly involved in the daily success of our clients, partners, and Locatick employees.

Sławek Stolarski


An experienced manager focused on the development of teams and organizations. Has over 10 years of international professional experience in controlling, sales, and project management.

stolarski@locatick.com +48 504 209 714

Piotr Zakrzewski


Programmer with over 10 years of experience in technologies such as PHP, Symfony, JScript, Angular, Mysql, Postgresql, as well as in designing Android mobile applications and Hybrid NativeScript technologies.


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Our consultant Karolina will answer all your questions from Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Karolina Tuniewicz

Customer Specialist

+48 531 237 175