About us

Locatick is a team of programmers, experts in the field of Facility Management, telematics, cartography and the use of spatial data.

How do we work

We are passionate about interaction with localization, with many years of experience in programming and business development, from corporations to small family businesses. No secret ingredients. Just hard-working enthusiasts who like to do interesting things.

What we do best

As we say “Everything happens somewhere”. Locatick builds digital products that empower people to interact with location. We discover the world of “where” and create unique solutions with passion. We make things faster, easier and more accessible.

Of which we are proud

In the Facility Management industry, we operate one of the most spectacular office buildings in Warsaw, Chmielna 89. For FBSerwis, we are developing a tool to handle 7,000 bus stops in Warsaw on a demanding contract and we have created a dedicated system for the Pol’and’Rock Festival for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, as a Medical Security Partner, providing a dedicated tool for managing medical patrols and law enforcement.

Our experienced management team

Experienced manager focused on the development of teams and organizations. Slawomir has over 10 years of international professional experience in controlling, sales and project management.

Sławek Stolarski

Programmer with over 10 years of experience in technologies such as PHP, Symfony, JScript, Angular, Mysql, Postgresql, as well as with extensive experience in designing Android mobile applications and Hybrid NativeScript technology.

Piotr Zakrzewski


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We will make a tailor made presentation of our system together with a free analysis of implementation benefits and development areas for your business.

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