Our flexible approach allows you to adjust the plan to your needs.

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Use our Quick Start option or contact us, we will prepare a tailored offer for your business. We provide services to both small companies and large organizations that need an individual approach.


  • An offer for companies with up to 20 employees
  • All currently available modules
  • Monthly fee from 250 EUR for 5 user accounts
  • Additional account: 49 EUR from the user

The next level

Do you have bigger needs?
Let's check how we can help you.

We will implement and configure the system to meet the needs of your company:

  • staff training,
  • data import,
  • creating dedicated maps.

We will help you prepare dedicated solutions

  • We will design additional modules and solutions
  • We will create integration with your company's key systems
  • Additional work settled on the basis of an hourly valuation
  • Offer for a minimum of 20 users.

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Ceny podane są dla mniejszych organizacji. Locatick jest łatwy do wdrożenia, możesz go wdrożyć samodzielnie dla swojego Zespołu, ale warto skontaktować się z nami i sprawdzić nasze dodatkowe wsparcie. Z naszego doświadczenia, te 15 min na rozmowę o potrzebach i oczekiwaniach często oszczędza długie godziny przy wdrożeniu.

Locatick can perform many functions - reminders or notifications will allow you to focus on the most important things - you will be automatically informed about all changes, delays or failures in orders. For your customers, Locatick will help ensure high quality of services through services such as SMS with the notification "I'm on the way" or a checklist of activities to be performed by your employee.

Remember, implementing systems for larger companies, with more employees, is always a process that is several times longer and more expensive.

Locatick is flexible and does not require extensive forms. You decide what information you need. For smaller companies, photos can be used as confirmation and verification of performance, for larger companies and more demanding work, it is possible to configure digital checklists and visit reports directly in the System.

The lack of a publicly available, structured database with all orders creates hidden costs for the organization. Processing paper forms, manual saving of photos sent by employees from the field, long and tedious search for the right confirmation of the task when the client, subcontractor or ordering party needs them. No history of previous repairs or completed services means a longer implementation time and a greater risk of errors.

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