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Everything happens somewhere

Task managementplatform

Everything happens somewhere – real time positioning and task management.
With LOCATICK you can see members of your team in real time on the map. Welcome to the world of simplicity, where assigning tasks is as simple as putting a pin on the map. What is LOCATICK? It is getting value from knowing, managing and monitoring your crucial resources in real time in physical location. Simpler and faster. It is location, stupid!

Clever Pins and dynamic lists

Clever Pins and dynamic lists – your business no longer hidden in Excels or scary databases. Look for key insight from location intelligence. All information linked to the exact spot. Precisely!

Work timeregister

Today’s world is different. Employment is different. Project work, self-employment, flextime… LOCATICK gives you intuitive application for work time register, for your staff serving multiple locations, working in different shops or offices. Assign location based tasks and get automated reports on work time and performance. Yes. On autopilot. Easy.

Interaction with location

Interaction with Location means a world to us. We connect. LOCATICK is built to serve and interconnect PEOPLE, VEHICLES, EQUIPMENT, ANIMALS, CONTENT or any other OBJECTS with dedicated tracking device. Location based triggers generate Actions you define!


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